Friday, October 21, 2011

A description of Sophie from upcoming DEEP BLUE EYES ON THE GREEK ISLES

After dinner, they both went to their room to dress for the club. Paul was ready quicker, so he went out to the pool and had his Diet Coke. He was anxiously waiting to see how Sophie would look in her “surprise” dress.
She emerged half an hour later and she was breathtakingly, stunningly beautiful. The wonderful simple but very graceful flowing red dress she was wearing was made just to suit her. It’s bright, eye-catching colour, her glistening silver necklace and stylish red clutch bag with her discreet matching Fendi shoes made her look sexy, but not revealing, elegant and shining. Her face was stunning with it’s perfectly balanced characteristics, higher cheek bones, her narrow distinct nose with it’s nicely tanned but perfect silk-fine skin searing warmth, and her deep blue eyes with their long eye lashes radiating the messages of love. She was like a beautiful lotus flower blossoming in the autumn.  She was the Lady in red. She walked elegantly to his couch, where Janet was waiting with Sophie’s drink.
 “I am stunned,” Paul said. “You are absolutely beautiful. And, your red dress…You are the Lady in red!